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Body movements that one does during rock climbing are utilized by a specially designed machine called vertical climber. With a vertical climber, one gets a full body workout, and it is one of the fastest ways to lose weight and build muscle mass.

In comparison to most of the other cardio machines, a vertical climber efficiently burns fat and also at a very high rate. If you need serious fat burning results with high-intensity interval training then a vertical climber is the perfect fit, as it gets your heart rate up in no time. When it comes to burning fat, these machines are serious business!

The vertical machines not only help burn fat, but they also help in building your stamina and endurance at the same time.

They are not too heavy (they weigh around 40 pounds) and take up a very small space, 4 by 4 feet on an average, and hence can be placed anywhere and moved around easily in the home.

With so many vertical climbers to choose from on hundreds of websites, how can you identify which vertical climber is best suited for your needs?

A way of doing this is spending numerous hours on the internet, do your research by reading the detailed descriptions of the various vertical climbers available online but that process will be too tedious and you may still end up in a position of not being able to decide what’ts the best vertical climber.

This is where we can help you: Identifying the best in the least amount of time!

We will provide you with some amazing vertical climber reviews so that you can make an informed decision and buy the best product that is currently available on the market.

Why do you need a vertical climber and why is a vertical climber considered superior to a Treadmill?

Here are a few reasons to show you why a vertical climber machine can benefit you more than a treadmill can.

  1. Effectiveness

The vertical climber is specifically designed for a user to effectively enhance their muscle strength like a rock climber would do. When compared to a treadmill, a vertical climber machine helps you burn calories far more effectively as you get to use your shoulders, arms, abs, back, and legs at the same time.

Not only that, a vertical climber is also the perfect cardio workout machine for the entire body as it works out core body muscles simultaneously with both upper and lower body muscles.

It helps in building an effective fat burning environment by increasing your metabolism and activating growth hormones, thereby helping you burn calories faster.

  1. Space and Mobility

In comparison to most of the workout machines available today, the small footprint of a vertical climber gives it a clear edge over its competitors.

Its small footprint makes it easy to fit in a small room, in a corner or even a large cabinet. Imagine trying to store a treadmill in a corner or a closet.

  1. Affordability

The availability of a low-priced vertical climber is its other added advantage over a treadmill. A decent treadmill in the market is fairly expensive when compared to a vertical climber. And not only that, the post-usage maintenance costs of a treadmill do not help when the price is a concern.

Let’s provide you with a few vertical climber reviews so that you can choose the best machine to achieve your fitness goals.

The Top 3 of the Best Vertical Climbers reviewed

Top Pick: Sunny Folding Climbing Stepper

The Sunny Climbing Stepper can be used by most people as it offers a low-intensity workout. It is so compact that you can place this machine right in front of a TV, in your living room, and before you realize, you would have already done your regular workout for the day. That’s so easy, isn’t it?

This machine is mostly used to work on your lower body – hips, thighs, calves as it helps you simulate the motions of a mountain climber.

In general, this machine gives you a great overall cardio workout which improves your heart health. This small machine can build your stamina without you putting much effort and time.

In terms of features, this machine comes with a built-in LCD display that has a timer for you to keep a track of how much time you have been doing the workout, your step count and also a count of the calories you have burned.

This machine is extremely durable and lightweight. This machine is made up of heavy-duty steel which makes it able to withstand wear and pressure better than had its parts been made of plastic. This machine can bear a maximum load of 220 pounds.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best vertical climbers available at under $100.

Budget Pick: Maxi Climber MXC Vertical Climber

This easy-to-set-up vertical climber emulates the rock climbing motions. It helps you burn approximately 500 calories in an hour as you build your stamina and endurance. In addition to this, you can improve the efficiency of your body’s cardiovascular system by getting more aerobic exercise. Overall, you get to burn calories and tone up your muscles, all at the same time.

In terms of the assembly of this vertical climber, you will be pleased to know that this vertical climber does not require you to assemble any additional parts as it comes almost completely pre-assembled.

When not in use, this vertical climber can be easily stored in a closet or in a corner so that it does not end up taking space in your living room. If you live in a small apartment or home and do not have ample space, this vertical climber will not disappoint you.

Moreover, you will be impressed by this very low priced fitness machine. If you are looking for something small, effective and budget-friendly, you should check out this vertical climber.

Merax Vertical Climber Exercise Climbing Machine

The Meramax Vertical Climber not only gives you the workout similar to other climbing machines, but it also provides high-intensity workouts.

If you have always wanted a vertical climber that provides you with a much harder or highly intense workout, then look no further than the Meramax Vertical Climber.

Using this climber machine, you can tone your biceps, triceps, core and all leg muscles simultaneously. On top of it, the cardio workout that you get on this machine is far better than what you get on a treadmill.

It doesn’t matter how tall or short you are, this vertical climber can be adjusted to any height, hence making it an amazing fitness equipment to be used by everyone quite comfortably. Imagine how good it would be to have one vertical climber at home that can cater to all members of the family who have different heights. The body of this vertical climber is made up of hard steel and the specially designed handles with non-stick grips keep you focused on your workout even when you sweat while burning those calories. The frame of this climber is such that it can be easily folded and kept in a corner or behind a door when not in use.


The reviews mentioned above will surely help you in making a right decision to get the best-suited vertical climber for your workout at home. The reviews above cover vertical climbers with different levels of intensities, sizes, and prices.

Having the most suitable Vertical climber at home will definitely motivate you to work out daily and make you feel proud and content with the decision you’ve made. No need of procrastinating on your trips to the gym anymore!

Learn more about climbers, Read our latest blog posts about fitness equipment!

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