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Although vertical climbers came out as a new innovation in the fitness world, their popularity has skyrocketed lately and for some good reasons. This new piece of equipment simulates climbing mountains. Sure, it may not provide the views and adrenaline, but it will definitely keep your body in a good condition. But there is a new innovation called maxi climber. Read our maxi climber reviews down below.

There are quite a few vertical climbers on the market and each of them comes with some unique particularities. It does pay off going through some general Maxi climber reviews before making a final decision though. Just like everything else in life, fitness equipment requires some research upfront. So, what should you know about these products and which models are well rated for home uses?

Advantages of Using a Maxi Climber

The main benefit of using the best vertical climber is obvious – burning fat while looking good. What else?

Gaining Strength

Apart from ripping some fat and showing definition, there are also some health benefits associated with a climber. The equipment boosts the strength in the upper body, but it also reduces the risks of injuries. More strength means your body can take more during workouts. Furthermore, strengthening the upper body will improve the posture, especially if you spend more hours a day behind a desk.

Boosting the Lower Body

Even if you do go to the gym, chances are you often overlook the leg day. Most people hate it. How about mixing it with a full body workout that boosts your cardio as well? The best climbers out there will work on the thighs, calves, glutes and hamstrings. Such muscles are sometimes left behind, especially if your lifestyle is too sedentary.

Improving the Heart

A good cardiovascular workout can be achieved in more way – even by walking. However, the climber is said to be the most efficient solution. Sure, you can strengthen the heart muscle in other ways, but why not choose the best? Even when compared to the best ProForm treadmill on the market, a vertical climber will always win in terms of efficiency.

How to Choose a Maxi Climber

There are multiple Maxi climbers out there, but how do you choose the right one?


Adjustability is almost always a must in Maxi climbers. If you live alone and nobody else uses the climber, why would you want an adjustable one? This is a wrong misconception. First, it has to be at the right height for you. Second, you will have to adjust the height as you intensify your workouts. Otherwise, they will lose their efficiency. Also, check the maximum weight capacity if you are overweight.


The design is not really about the looks. According to most Maxi climber reviews, they look the same. Instead, you want solid materials. Generally speaking, the more metallic parts you have, the more durable your equipment will be. If space is an issue, consider a foldable model. This way, you can store it out of the way.


A small display will help you keep track of your workouts. Even if you do not really care as you work for specific periods of time anyway, there is nothing more motivational than seeing your progress. Take advantage of this feature and look for a detailed screen.

Optional features may also include cup or smartphone holders.

Top 3 Maxi Climbers

Homgrace Vertical Climber Cardio Exercise

Homgrace Vertical Climber Cardio Exercise

Designed with multiple intensity levels and lots of adjustability, this machine from Homgrace is likely to become your best friend in terms of fitness. Simply put, the height can be adjustable on five different levels. It is not all about the height, but also about how intense the workouts are. A lower height feels like climbing stairs, while a taller height simulates mountain climbing and burns more calories. You can burn around 500 calories an hour.

The machine is solid and sturdy. It features a two year warranty. It has to be assembled though. Luckily, everything is included in the package and no other tools are needed. A small booklet with instructions tells you exactly which part goes where, so the whole procedure should not take more than half an hour.

Main Features

  • Isometric nonstick grips and textured pedals prevent slipping and getting injured
  • Maximum weight allowed is 220 pounds, so it can accommodate large individuals too
  • Measures 35.8×27.5×83 inches, but it has a foldable design for space efficient storage
  • Square steel tube design for stability and sturdiness
  • Features a central display screen to track workouts

Anfan Vertical Climber Folding Exercise Climbing Machine

Anfan Vertical Climber

According to plenty of Maxi climber reviews, Anfan’s machine is one of the user friendliest options on the market. Even if this is the first time you engage into fitness, you will find the climber handles covered in thick sponge mats for safety. Not only do they prevent slipping, but they also keep your hands free from blisters. Base legs are covered in nonslip materials to prevent moving while you exercise.

The machine works on the whole body – glutes, hamstrings, legs, hips, arms and core. It is ideal for cardio, as well as strength. Just like many other types of fitness equipment, this one must be assembled, but you will not need any extra tools. A manual of instructions is included in the package. As for the design, it is coated in rust resistant paint for good looks and maintenance.

Main Features

  • Digital tracker records your workout data and provides details like calories, distance, time and speed
  • Made from steel alloy for sturdiness and stability
  • Foldable design allows easy storage literally anywhere
  • Maximum weight capacity is 350 pounds
  • Maximum climber’s height is 85.8 inches

Popsport Climber Machine Fitness Stepper

Popsport 440LBS Climber Machine

Popsport’s vertical climber is available in two different colors – black and gray. It measures 37x28x70 inches. It only weighs 33 pounds, so you can easily move it from one place to another. The base has four legs and wheels for easy transportation. However, once on the ground with all four legs, it will not move or wobble when you exercise. Given the 2-in-1 design (climber and stepper), users can work on both the lower and upper body, not to mention cardio.

The machine is ergonomic and space efficient. It can accommodate anyone within 440 pounds of weight, regardless of their shape. There are no handles or other parts in the way. The movement is smooth, while the operation is quiet. The machine can be used in the middle of the night without disturbing any neighbors.

Main Features

  • Frame is made of steel, while certain parts are made of PP and PVC
  • Height is adjustable to match more users and to adjust the workout intensity
  • Digital display conveniently located in the central part of the equipment keeps track of multiple measurements, such as the time or calories
  • Package includes the actual equipment, a manual of instructions and a small toolbox for assembly
  • Can be used as a climber machine for full body workouts or a stepper machine for the lower body only


Bottom line, choosing the right vertical climber should not be too tricky. Sure, most manufacturers come with similar features. After all, this equipment is quite new and has not had enough time to fully develop. For this reason, it is imperative to go through a few Maxi climber reviews before making a final decision. The more you learn from others’ experiences, the easier it becomes to choose the right machine. One thing is for sure though – you do have quite a few decent options to choose from.

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