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Treadmills represent one of the most common workout solutions regardless of your shape. Whether this is the first time you exercise or you are an advanced runner, treadmills come with a series of benefits. Buying one from home demands some homework though. There are plenty of manufacturers and even more products. Find the best ProForm Treadmill below.

ProForm is a leading treadmill manufacturer in terms of performance and durability. However, choosing the best ProForm treadmill depends on more things – your goals, expectations and needs. From this point of view, it is worth knowing what to expect from this experience and go through a few detailed reviews before deciding.

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ProForm M7

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Advantages of Using a Treadmill

Treadmills come with a series of benefits over your health and looks.

Improved Heart Condition

Whether you walk, jog or spring, treadmills provide an excellent cardio workout. Such an activity pushes your heart, which is basically a muscle. Not only do you improve your stamina, but also your heart capacity. Most experts recommend at least half an hour a day if you use a treadmill for a good heart. Sure, you might find some Maxi climber reviews to direct you to another type of exercise, but treadmills provide more customization based on your needs.

Better Blood Cholesterol

Most people are unaware of the fact that not all cholesterol is bad for your heart. The good cholesterol can actually prevent a series of affections. Walking or jogging on a treadmill for half an hour a day will increase the good cholesterol by 5%. Ideally, you should go around 5MPH, yet it depends on your height and weight too.

Low Impact Exercise

No matter how intense your treadmill exercise is, such an exercise is a low impact one. It will not put too much pressure on joints, especially as most treadmills come with soft running belts. Even when compared to the best climbers out there, a soft treadmill will still work your joints less.

Weight Loss

Half an hour on the treadmill everyday will burn up to 500 calories an hour. It depends on your weight and speed though. For example, running at 9MPH will burn around 1,000 calories an hour.

How to Choose a Treadmill

Just like for any other piece of fitness equipment, choosing the best ProForm treadmill implies some research.

Motor Horsepower

If you have an average weight and you are the only one using the treadmill, you probably do not need more than 1.5HP. If you want to lose weight, run at high speeds, spring and diversify your workouts, it might be wise going for over 2HP. Luckily, most ProForm treadmills go over this limit for more convenience.

Main Features

Pay attention to the main features, such as the belt size (usually around 15×50 inches) or the maximum available speed. The inclination will make your workouts more intense, so it is a useful feature. Also, double check the cushioning, as the belt is supposed to absorb shocks. A heavy treadmill can be problematic to move, but it will be stable when you run. Do not overlook the control panel either. It must be easily accessible, even while you run.


More preset programs provide more flexibility. Some treadmills come with heart rate monitors. Most of them will just have them fitted in the handlebars. Also, you will find treadmills with holders for smartphones or bottles, as well as connectivity and compatibility with specific applications.

Top 3 ProForm Treadmills

ProForm 505 CST Folding Treadmill

Proform 505 CST Folding Treadmill

Featuring ProShox cushioning and coming with long warranties over specific parts, the 505 CST model is certainly able to satisfy even the pickiest runners. It has a foldable profile. When in use, the treadmill measures 74x37x60.6 inches. The running area covers 20×55.1 inches. If space is a problem, it can fold and be stored away when not in use. The maximum weight capacity goes up to 253 pounds.

The motor is more powerful than the average in this segment – 2.5CHP. In other words, it is powerful enough to take speeds up to 11.1MPH. Sure, it may not allow a full speed sprint, but it allows high speed running.

Main Features

  • 0 to 10% inclination angle
  • LCD display measures distance, speed, calories, heart rate and others
  • Hand pulse grips sand Bluetooth connectivity
  • 19 preset programs
  • MP3 compatibility and dual speakers

ProForm Endurance M7 Treadmill


The Endurance M7 model could be the best ProForm treadmill if you want cost efficiency. It comes with a powerful Mach Z motor that releases 2.5CHP. Just like the 505 CST model, it goes up to 11MPH. Speed controls are readily available in front of you and can be used while you run. The treadmill is made of sturdy materials and will support up to 275.5 pounds in weight – ideal for oversized users too.

ProForm does stand by its products and this model makes no exception. It features a lifetime warranty for the frame and a five year warranty for the motor. Other parts are guaranteed for two years. The running area measures 20×55.1 inches. Handlebars are short and will not interfere with you while you run. They will never be in the way, unless you actually want to grip them to check your heart rate.

Main Features

  • Inclination angle goes up to 10%
  • LCD display measures time, distance and calories, among others
  • ProShox cushioning on top of the running bed for joint maintenance
  • Folding design to save space and EasyLift assist technology
  • 18 preset programs that can be deeply customized

ProForm PFTL59515 Performance 400i Treadmill

ProForm PFTL59515 Performance 400i Treadmill

Featuring an astonishing 25CHP Mach Z motor, the Performance 400i model could be the best ProForm treadmill if you want power. Whether you like intense workouts or there are more people in the household using it, chances are you will need that power. Just like most other models from this manufacturer, this one comes with the ProShox cushioning under the running belt – no pain and tension on your knees, ankles or hips. Also, the classic lifetime warranty for the frame and the 25 year one for the motor are part of the game.

The tread belt measures 20×55 inches. Given the short handlebars, you will never feel restricted in your movements. When folded, it can be safely stored out of the way. It can take just over 250 pounds in weight. The heavy duty motor will also allow speeds of up to 10MPH. Speed is easily adjustable even while you run, without having to interrupt your exercise.

Main Features

  • 18 preset working applications for weight loss, strength, stamina and others
  • EKG heart rate monitor implemented into the handles
  • Music port compatible with iPods
  • Digital display provides essential information at a glance
  • Compatible with the iFit Coach application for customized workouts and advice from personal trainers


As a short final conclusion, deciding on the best ProForm treadmill obviously depends on factors like your needs or goals. Sure, the above mentioned treadmills seem to be similar, yet small details often make the difference. While no one needs random bells and whistles that they will never use, small features may often make your life easier and help you keep track of your workouts.

While you can always compare the benefits of a treadmill with the benefits of the best vertical climber or rowing machine, ProForm treadmills have pushed this industry to a new level. These machines are classic and have been constantly improved over the past generations. These days, they represent the ultimate workout equipment for the home.

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