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Getting into shape seems to be the craze nowadays. Every product and commercial promises a beach body within a few weeks, while social media sets you up for unrealistic expectations. With so much information floating around, you might just feel the need to book in your nearest gym and do it the old-fashioned way: hard work and dedication, and of course the best home fitness machine.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the time nor availability to consistently make it to the gym. Some lead very hectic lives, and simply do not have the energy to hop in the car and drive over to the gym after work. Others have varying family circumstances and prefer to have the equipment to whip in shape right in the comfort of their own homes.

By filtering through the nonsense, and attaining the best possible options for home equipment- we have narrowed down the options to help you lose weight, get lean, and start seeing those six pack cuts as soon as possible.

Why go for home equipment?

Deciding to purchase home fitness machines can lead to a dramatic improvement in your life. Getting healthier opens up a lot of doors to a happier life, and only taking that first step will always be the most difficult hurdle. Many people are intimidated by registering in a gym, and often rarely show up after registering.

Often times, people just do not know where to start to reach their goals. Home equipment can keep them in a comfortable environment and allow them to see their progress without any external pressure.  Whether it is the comfort of playing your own music, the freedom to check yourself out in the mirror whenever you want, or simply the convenience of keeping in shape while next to the television, investing in the best home fitness machine beats out unmet New Year’s resolution goals any day!

Who knows, you may set off a switch in your household- convincing your significant other or your children to keep healthy and in great shape too! Either way you look at it, investing in your own personal fitness machines is the best alternative whenever a gym registration is unfeasible. That is why we have selected three excellent choices that compete for a top spot as the best home fitness machine; each designed to help you lose those stubborn love handles and get beach-ready.

Narrowing down your options

If you do decide to take this route and invest in your own home gym, however, it is of absolute importance that you invest in high-quality equipment once and for all. You do not want to have to worry about warranties, repairs, or malfunctioning components. You want to set it up and start your routine smoothly. After all, you certainly do not need any more excuses to not start exercising!

Therefore, consider shelling out a few more dollars and invest in equipment from a reputable brand. More often than not, reputable brand gym machines can last much longer and save you a lot of headaches down the line. Next, definitely consider what equipment you need depending on your goals.

Before starting an exercise regimen, it is absolutely necessary to determine your long-term goals; and set up a plan of action. If your plan is fat-loss and overall health, consider investing in cardio machines that may include some weights.

To gain weight and muscle mass, plan to purchase the best home fitness machine that includes a variety of muscle building movements; such as chest presses, shoulder presses, and back pulls. The machines below capture all of these aspects and will get your metabolism revving immediately.

Product #1- GoPlus 2.25HP Electric Treadmill

Best home fitness machine - GoPlus 2.25HP Electric Treadmill

For those looking to burn the extra fat, it is well known that cardio is of utmost importance. It speeds up your metabolism, burns calories, and lets you sweat out all your toxins.

Look no further than GoPlus Electric Treadmill, a sleek designed machine that will help you say goodbye to your love handles. With a high-quality steel construction, this treadmill can handle up to 250 lbs of weight- perfect for anyone looking for a suitable home treadmill. It comes with a reasonable LCD monitor, showing the typical calories burned, distance, and heart rate functions. With adjustable speed and incline, you can increase the resistance to help you burn more calories in an extremely feasible manner.

With an excellent easy-to-fold design, you can set up and put away the treadmill within a few minutes. Added silicone suctions helps decrease noise, so you won’t bother anyone else in the house while you’re exercising your pain away. A must-buy for those looking for a simple treadmill.

Product #2- Sunny Health and Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine

Best home fitness machine - Sunny Health and Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine

There aren’t much better exercises than rowing, and if you cannot get onto a lake with an actual boat- look no further than Sunny Health and Fitness rowing machine.

An excellent addition to help you tone those flabby arms, improve your endurance, and keep your back muscles strong and healthy. This particular brand has an added LCD monitor- conveniently displaying how many calories you have burned while assisting you in tracking your progress. Foam grip handles and perfectly-designed foot pedals ensure smooth comfort and non-slip use, allowing you to exert maximum force to work your entire upper body.

An absolute excellent machine for either men or women and a perfect bodybuilder. This machine can be easily transported with powerful wheels, meaning there is no need to test your strength by carrying this machine. Simply roll it out of the way and you can transport it easily. This machine is not for the faint of heart, so be ready to get yourself toned as soon as possible.

Product #3- Marcy Multifunction Steel Home Gym

Best home fitness machine - Marcy Multifunction Steel Home Gym

For those, especially men, looking for an all-in-one weightlifting system; Marcy’s Multifunction machine will help you pack on slabs of mass in all the right areas. It is well known that we love to build muscle on the attractive areas, such as the chest, shoulders, and arms.

This machine has a function for all of them, with a variety of movement patterns entirely possible with simple adjustments. Not to leave your legs lagging, there is even an easy switch to an excellent leg mass builder as well. This machine weighs in at 150 pounds of steel, with easily adjustable mechanisms and an excellent double-pully station.

Every kind of row is incorporated into this pulley system, allowing for enough stress to encourage back development. Whether you want to target your upper back, lower back, or lats- this machine has it all. A fully adjustable bicep pad lets you add strength and mass to your arms and help you fill out your sleeves.

Conclusion- Get Beach Ready!

Overall, each one of these can qualify as the best home fitness machine; providing you with the means to keep healthy and in shape. It has never been easier to find information on how to get in shape, but unfortunately, that means a lot of misinformed information about which machine is best and which regimen is most suitable.

For those in love with cardio and aim for fat-loss, try the sleek treadmill offered by GoPlus to help you burn off that piece of toast you had this morning. For muscle building and endurance, Marcy’s Multifunction Home Gym and Sunny Health Rowing Machine are an excellent choice for overall body development. Consider one of these three machines to help you look good, feel better, and even get your significant other excited! So go ahead, get in shape and enjoy your self-absorbed flexing! You deserve it!

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