7 Best Heavy Bag Stands for Power Punches and Kicks

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So you purchased a punching bag, where are you going to hang it? You need the best heavy bag stands to endure your power punches and kicks. Still, you have to factor in the size, material, construction, and extras that you’ll need. Remember, a high-quality punching bag should be hung on an equally durable stand.

For this post, we spent more than 40 hours scouting brands and bag stands to come up with these 7 best picks. We also brainstormed a buying guide to help you become an informed buyer. 

Heavy Bag Stand Buying Guide

We were overwhelmed by the number of heavy bag stands in the market. So to make sure that you’ll find the best one, we’ve come up with this buying guide. Our team listed some essential features you should look for, including the type that suits your workout. 

Types of bag stands

There are two common types of heavy bag stands, the single station and multi-station.

-Single station

As it is called, single station stands only have one mount for a heavy bag. The most significant advantage of single station stands is its size. It suits small home gyms plus it’s way easier to move around.

However, if you purchase this type of stand, you’d have to look for another mount if you wish to get a speed bag in the future. 


If you’re an athlete, boxer, or martial artists, you’ll definitely benefit from having a multi-station bag stand. It comes with more than one bag mount as well as a lot of extras. Some have extra hooks, speed bag slot, heavy bag support, and so on.

With this multi-station stand, you can work on different boxing combinations all in just one place. Although it’s larger, heavier, and possibly more expensive than single station stands, it’s totally worth it if you’re into functionality. 

What to look for

Once you’ve decided on the type of heavy bag stand that you need, it’s now time to consider the following points:


The most important aspect that we considered while scouting for the heavy bag stands is its material. We’ve seen a lot of good-looking stands, but its material is the usual purchasing factor.

Steel tubing is the most common material among heavy bag stands. We suggest that you look for thicker diameter or tub dimensions for durability. Also, the heavier the bag stand is, the better it is for your workout. 

This means that the stand will remain stable once you put the punching bag on. Besides, no one wants a heavy bag stand that will collapse due to its inability to support the weight of the punching bag. 

Let’s say you’re choosing between a 50-kilogram single station and a 50-kilogram multi-station. Which is the better choice given that the type isn’t a big deal? If we’re going to choose, our money is on the single station. It’s smaller and heavier – a good sign of quality. 

-Weight capacity

Next, you have to remember that each heavy bag stand is rated for varying weight ranges. Always look for a heavy bag stand with the highest possible weight limit. You might purchase a heavier bag in the future so your stand should be equipped to handle the weight.

The weight capacity of bag stands should be around 100 to 130 pounds. This should fit most punching bags in the market. Anything that’s lower than 100 pounds will cause the mounting beam to bend down.

-Design and construction

Again, lightweight bag stands are goners. It will not last long and it will expose you to the risk of a collapsing heavy bag. Aside from a solid and wide base, look for stability support as well. These are pegs where you can put sandbags on for further support. The only issue with support pegs is it can get in the way if you’re practicing kicks. 

Aside from that, check the height of the stand. When you hang the punching bag, its top should be about the same level as your head. This height is the optimal design so you can practice body and head punches. 

Also, check the distance of the sack from the upright bar. If it’s too close from each other, you might hit the bar if you practice your kick. The rule of thumb is that the upright bar and sack should be 15 inches apart, at least. 


 A shaking and tilting heavy bag stand will not just ruin your workout. It will also expose you to the possibility of injuries. Make sure that your bag stand is well balanced and can endure the force of your hits.

The stand should be stable both at rest and while you’re working out. Extended bottom stabilizers are excellent additions. Pair it with heavy construction and you should have a perfectly stable unit.

Heavy bag stands will also become more stable if you use plates or sandbags at home. 


It’s also important that you get the right size to suit your home gym. Although large bases are ideal, some workout buffs don’t have enough space to accommodate such footprint. 

Heavy bag stands are cumbersome equipment so no matter how compact it can be, you still need to prepare a hefty space to place it on. 

We don’t have specific size recommendations since it will depend on your preference. Just make sure that the dimensions you chose won’t compromise the stability of the stand. 

-Bag support 

This is an optional accessory but if you want to simulate the movement of an actual fighter, you can make use of this bag support. This is a D-ring or hook that allows you to attach it to the punching bag using a cord.

This will restrict the movement of the bag, which produces more resistance. Also, it reduces the swinging motion, which may topple your bag stand if it gets too forceful. 


Some stands will come with extra accessories like a speeding bag, mounting hooks, chains, and so on. Just take note that these add-ons will also cause an extra fee. 

Still, if you want all-in equipment for training, a few more dollars will surely count. Also, if you don’t have a punching bag yet, you can look for a bag and stand set. 


Heavy bag stands will require a level of assembly. Depending on the number of workstations, the assembly can range from easy to complicated. 

Single station stands will usually take 30 minutes to put together based on our experience. A screwdriver and bolts are the usual tools here. 

The good thing here is that each bag stand will come with an instruction manual. Make sure that you follow the steps carefully so the stand won’t give off when you’re using it. 


Price is always our last consideration when scouting for the best workout equipment. Although more expensive, high-end stands have better quality, heavier design, and thicker materials.

Still, we recognize that not all of us have the budget to splurge. There are many budget bag stands out there. Just make sure that you check the quality before putting your money on it. 


EVERLAST Best Heavy Bag Stand

Our top pick among the best heavy bag stands we’ve screened is this unit from EVERLAST. It’s made of heavy-duty steel tubing that’s powder-coated to extend its lifespan. This also comes with three weight plate pegs for the utmost stability. 

This EVERLAST stand can hold up to 100 pounds of heavy bag on its construction of 69” (L) x 48.25” (W) x 84.13” (H). It’s a piece of cumbersome equipment, but nothing beats its solid and reliable performance when you’re in full-on action. 

For its price, we can say that this is a total steal. Just note that you’ll need an extra pair of hands to put this together. It weighs 55 pounds and putting on the bolts by yourself can be a pain. 

To fully secure this down, we placed 75 pounds on each side and 35 pounds at the back. We also put it against the wall and even the strongest kicks of our black belter friend didn’t make it budge.

However, if you’re taller than 5’8, you’ll need to place this on a higher platform (at least 1 foot in our estimate) to get the perfect bag height. Quality-wise, we don’t have complaints about this model. 


  • Made of heavy-duty steel tubing
  • 3 weight plate pegs to stabilize the stand
  • Stable and can support 100-lbs. bags


  • A bit short for tall users 


Century Heavy Bag Stand

Century Heavy Bag Stand

Our second favorite is the Century Heavy Bag Stand. It’s made of 3-inch tubular steel construction that can support up to 100 pounds of heavy bag. This has a grey color that adds a chic look on your next workout equipment. 

If you’re a boxer or a martial artist who’s looking for a bag stand with a small footprint, this Century stand might be the one for you. It requires minimal assembly and you’ll be in action in no time.

This stand weighs 48 pounds, which adds stability once the heavy bag is mounted. Also, it comes with three weight plate pegs so you can secure it even more.

If you want to restrict the movement of the heavy bag, this Century stand comes with D rings beside the front plate pegs. You can use a cord to tie the heavy bag for added resistance. 

This heavy bag stand is two inches short of 7 feet. If you have an average height, this heavy bag stand should suit you well. 

Based on our experience, the recommended weight on the pegs is 75 pounds each. If you’re doing intense routines, this weight should be enough to prevent the swaying. 


  • 3-inch tubular steel construction
  • Small footprint
  • Comes with D rings on the base for stabilizing the heavy bag


  • The strap for the bag is too long, we had to tweak it a bit to get the right bag height 

Happybuy Foldable Boxing Heavy Bag Stand

If you’re looking for a multi-station bag stand, the Happybuy Foldable stand might suit you well. It comes with a heavy bag mount and a speedbag station. 

This is made from heavy-duty steel that can support up 132 pounds of a punching bag. You can also place a speed bag on the other side for a 2-in-1 training experience.

The Happybuy bag stand is 60” (L) x 42.7” (W) x 82” (H) that comes with four plate weight pegs on each corner. The inflatable speed bag is also included in the package so you can enjoy both stations without the need to purchase another bag.

What we like the most about this heavy bag stand is its adjustable height that can extend up to 2.3 meters. We were able to hang a punching bag at a height of 6 feet. It also has two D rings that you can use for heavy bag suspension.

To stabilize the stand, we placed 50 pounds of weight plates on each side. Depending on the weight of your punching bag, you may need to add more or less. 


  • Can support up to 132 pounds punching bag weight
  • Comes with an inflatable speedbag
  • Adjustable height of up to 2.3 meters 
  • 4 weight plate pegs for stability 


  • The assembly instructions are quite terrible 

FDW Heavy Duty Punching Bag Stand

The FDW Bag stand has a triangular design for extreme stability. It’s made with square steel tubing that can support up to 330 pounds of punching bags and other equipment. Just make sure that you add more support on the weight plate pegs to keep the stand stable.

This FDW stand is 43.7” (L) x 39.6” (W) x 91” (H). That’s more height for a smaller footprint as compared to other bag stands in the market. It also weighs 47 pounds, so you need another person to help you in assembling and transporting the equipment. 

The assembly can get very tricky. Ours arrive with all the washers, screws, and bolts scattered all over the packaging. After figuring out the parts and putting all the screws, the hassle is worth it. For its price, there’s nothing we can complain about. 

Actually, we can’t believe that we got this quality for such a low price. For those on a budget, you can consider the FDW bag stand on your purchase. 

Overall, we were able to set this up for just 20 minutes. Just make sure that you check the overhead space that you have since this stand is really tall. 


  • Very tall at roughly 7.5 ft.
  • Can support up to 330 pounds of bag weight
  • 4 weight plate pegs


  • Assembly can be confusing 

Title Boxing Double Trouble Heavy Bag Stand

If you’re looking for a complete set of a multi-station heavy bag stand, we highly recommend the Title Boxing Double Trouble Stand. It’s made with durable and powder-coated tubular steel with an adjustable height. 

On the left side, there’s a suspended end bag while on the other, there’s the heavy bag with a suspension ring at the bottom. This is a 70-pound bag made with synthetic leather.

This stand measures 60” (L) x 60” (W) x 90” (H). It has a larger footprint than most stands, but it’s understandable due to its dual-purpose design. This comes with D-ring bag anchors, two top D-ring bag attachments, and two weight bars that stabilize the two bags. The chains to install the heavy bag are also included in the package. 

Take note that this stand weighs a whopping 80 pounds. It took us, three people, to assemble and put this in place. It has a solid construction plus getting the bags on the package saves you from the hassle of purchasing it individually.

Just make sure that you add weights at the bottom to prevent the base from rattling when you strike. If you perform super-strong punches and kicks, you’re better off bolting this to the ground with additional hardware. 


  • Multi-station design
  • Complete with mounting chains and D-rings
  • Weighs 80 pounds for stability


  • You have to watch out for the cross bats at the bottom when kicking

LOVSHARE Free Standing Boxing Bag Stand

If you’re looking for a stand with the smallest footprint, we suggest that you consider the LOVSHARE Free Standing Bag Stand. This has dimensions of 67” (L) x 48” (W) x 75” (H). This can be folded too for easier storage.

This stand has three stabilizing pins where you can place weight plates to support the stand. The package also includes a chin bar for added workout versatility. 

The LOVSHARE Free Standing bag stand can support up to 132 pounds of punching bags. You can also adjust the height up to 2.3 meters. Overall, it’s easy to assemble even by yourself. If you know how to tighten some bolts, the assembly should be effortless.

For utmost stability, we suggest that you place this against the wall. What we really like is that it comes with hardware to mount this on the floor. 


  • Comes with a replaceable chinning bar 
  • 3 stabilizing pins at the base
  • Comes with hardware to mount it on the floor 


  • The instruction manual is almost useless (common sense is the key!)

Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag Stand

For those looking for a straightforward bag stand that comes with a punching bag, the Outslayer Muay Thai Bag Stand is a total champ. This can support up to 350 pounds of bag weight with an unbeatable 15-year warranty.

This stand is 7.8 feet tall, which is tallest we’ve seen among the stands we’ve reviewed. If you’re a tall martial artist, this will be an ideal set for you.

Aside from the stand, it also comes with 4 empty sandbags so you can get started on your workout right away. Overall, this has a 7-screw assembly that’s easy to put together. Just take note that this stand is 140 pounds. You might need some help with the assembly and moving of the equipment.

Each leg of the base is 30 inches long and it can extend up to an additional 15 inches. With this, you can adjust the footprint based on the available space on your home. 

Overall, it has a simple construction, but nothing beats its solid performance. We’ve loaded this with a 350-pound bag and tried our martial arts chops. It endured everything and we can say that the splurge is totally worth it.


  • Can support up to 350 pounds
  • Adjustable base legs
  • Comes with 4 unfilled sandbags
  • Simple assembly 


  • Very heavy, look for two persons to help you 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Can I mount a heavy bag stand on the floor?

A: Some units come with mounting hardware so you can secure the heavy bag stand on the floor. You can also add attachments or just opt for sandbags to stabilize the stand for your intense workout.

Q: Is it safe to hang a punching bag from the ceiling?

A: Unless you can find a strong beam that can carry up to 100 pounds of weight, then you can risk it. Still, if you add the force of your kicks and punches, it’s best to get a dedicated bag stand instead. Your roof may cave in if you use it to hang your punching bag.

Q: How tall should a punching bag be?

A: The rule of thumb is it that the top of the bag should be leveled with your head. Also, it should be at least 15 inches away from the mounting hardware so it won’t get in the way of your kicks.

Q: Do heavy bag stands work?

A: As long as the stand can support 100 pounds without losing its balance, it will work for your exercises. Also, make sure that it has a broad base for added stability.


The best heavy bag stands will give you the optimal workout experience. What do you think of our 7 options here? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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