Disclosing The Best Climbers On The Market

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In a world where everything is literally infested with chemicals, the necessity of a green and healthy lifestyle is no longer a trend, but a must. For this reason, home fitness equipment has gained lots of notoriety over the past few years. Not only do they provide the comfort of working out in your own comfort, but they are also convenient for those who simply do not find the time to reach a local gym.

While new compared to other types of equipment, vertical climbers represent a growing trend due to the numerous benefits they provide. The equipment mimics mountain climbing and strengthens muscles and the cardiovascular system. So, what should you know about this machine and what are the best climbers on the market today?

Advantages of Using a Climber

Knowing what to expect from the best climbers out can help you make a more informed decision.

Good Lower Body Development

While working on the whole body, a vertical climber is more efficient than other equipment in developing the lower body. It makes a good workout machine for calves, thighs and legs. Muscles get harder, while the area turns leaner.

Fast Calorie Burning Process

Given the difficulty of such exercises, calorie burning becomes a fact. When compared to running or jogging, climbing burns calories at a faster rate. Even if you match a vertical climber to the best ProForm treadmill out there, you will still be surprised by the results.

Disease Prevention

Extra body fat is responsible for a series of affections, so clearing it will help you prevent them. Most commonly, excessive fat in the midsection region is associated with type 2 diabetes. Given the intense cardio workout, such exercises will inevitably keep your heart in good condition as well.

How to Choose a Climber

There are certain things to look for in a climber based on your personal needs and goals.

Overall Construction

Generally speaking, more metal means a higher quality. It is stronger than other materials and has a long lifetime. A sturdy construction will also underline a high weight capacity. The construction also implies the base. Climbers are tall and narrow, so they need a stable base. It must be wide enough to prevent wobbling or tipping.

Resistance Level

Some of the best climbers on the market come with no adjustable resistance. It is easy to tell why – your bodyweight is the actual resistance. It depends on what your goals are. If you want intense and heavy workouts, chances are you will need an adjustable resistance. Most commonly, the resistance is based on hydraulic mechanisms.

Grips and Rests

Look for grips covered in foam or rubber for a good hold. Extra cushioning prevents blisters too. As for foot rests, they should be large and textured for extra traction. Otherwise, you risk slipping and falling.

Height and Control

If more people in your household plan to use the equipment, you should find the best vertical climber with adjustable height. If you live by yourself, forget about it. Just double check the measurements and make sure it can accommodate your size.

In terms of control, a display will help you keep track of your workouts and goals, yet it is not mandatory.

Top 3 Climbers

MaxiClimber “As Seen On TV” Vertical Climber

#1 pick - best climbers

MaxiClimber is responsible for starting this trend in fitness. There are numerous Maxi Climber reviews out there underlining the superiority of this unit. The machine comes 90% pre-assembled, so putting it together is a matter of minutes. Once installed, it can also fold when done exercising for storage and space efficiency. It weighs 33 pounds and measures 57x10x6 inches, so it is easy to move around.

The climber features a personal workout timer. It does not have too many features and measurements on the display, but the basics. However, it is compatible with the associated fitness application, which will provide different workouts and programs. It can also help you keep track of your progress and monitor your goals.

Main Features

  • Isometric nonstick grips to prevent slipping
  • Height is easy to adjust and does not require any tools
  • Durable cold reeled steel frame
  • Bonus fitness application
  • Foldable construction

Merax Vertical Climber

Merax Vertical Climber

Merax has designed one of the best climbers on the market in terms of capacity and efficiency. Basically, it is extremely stable due to the wide base, so it can take people up to 350 pounds in weight. It measures 27.2×35.8×62.4 inches. The height can go up to 74.8 inches based on your needs. Furthermore, the climber has a folding profile. When not in use, it can be folded and stored away, especially if space is a problem. It weighs just over 38 pounds, so it is easy to move.

The climber allows a full body workout, whether you want stronger muscles, more strength or just weight loss. Adjusting the intensity implies varying the length and hide of each move. The height can be adjusted over 5 steps – excellent if more people use it. You do not need any tools to do it. Assembling the unit is a piece of cake – you have six bolts to put together and you can start exercising.

Main Features

  • Square steel tube design for stability and durability
  • ALCD digital workout timer keeps track of distance, speed, time and calories
  • 5 step adjustable height for intensity adjustment or different users
  • Isometric nonstick grips
  • Textured sturdy pedals

FEIERDUN Vertical Climber

FEIERDUN Vertical Climber

Known as one of the best climbers for home, this model from FEIERDUN adds some extra intensity to your workouts due to its slightly more difficult movements. While it is smooth and works flawlessly, it requires more effort. Simply put, just 10 minutes of climbing on it will burn as many calories as half an hour of running. The workout is low impact though, so it will put no pressure on your joints. Instead, it will make muscles leaner and harder while burning fat and working on the heard.

FEIERDUN provides a two year warranty for its product – it tells a lot about its quality standards. Other than that, you do not have to struggle putting it together. It is 90% pre-assembled. You only have to put a few screws in and you can start exercising. The machine is highly adjustable and can be used regardless of your height or weight. It is easy to store and can fold within seconds – no tools required. With just over 44 pounds in weight, it can be easily moved without any hassle.

Main Features

  • Square steel tube design for stability and durability
  • Can take users up to 440 pounds in weight
  • Height can be adjusted over 5 levels
  • Isometric nonstick grips and pedals
  • Futuristic LCD monitor to measure your workout and keep track of your progress


As a short final conclusion, you do have options when interested in home workouts. However, finding the best climbers requires a little education. It is a market with both low and high end products. You do not necessarily need random bells and whistles, but quality, sturdiness and adjustability. Most importantly, choose a product that will match your personal needs and goals.

The above mentioned best vertical climbers can and will make the difference in your workouts. Reviewing them allows you to make better informed decisions. You need to know what to expect upfront. The good news is that no matter what your goal is – losing weight, burning fat, gaining strength or looking better, chances are you will achieve it with a vertical climber.

Disclosing The Best Climbers On The Market
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Disclosing The Best Climbers On The Market
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